28 days no alcohol :- place of Alcohol in our society

“Alcohol” a social enigma, a boon or bane it is a mystery but as Frank Sinatra quote “Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy but as the bible says love your enemy”. At times Enemy brings best out of us but in that process, we are vividly consumed by our enemy.

Now if we go to chemical definition of alcohol, it is a class of chemical having general formula ROH where R represents alkyl group and OH represents hydroxyl group, most commonly refers to ethanol which you can drink forget how much trouble you are going through and how much your life sucks and in time to be more expressive in your happy hours.

I had my first alcohol when I finished my high school, we had night out and my friend offered me this whimsical potent of adulthood, I wanted to see the magic which had me in curiosity all along, and I felt hot sharp liquid go down my throat causing tears from the corner of my eyes, and then the Satan inside me asked for more and man that night was something to remember.

This potent had me in the first go, and I continued with it in my grad and I became acutely aware that my drinking habits weren’t exactly normal, I started binge drinking.

I realized that i relied on alcohol not only as a social companion, to open me up among socialist, but also a personal one. Unfortunately, i could not stop for one or two drinks, and one day I had realized how this companion of mine is consuming me from inside. Too much alcohol can result in serious health consequences, I did some study and from my experience and found out that excessive drinking not only affects alcoholic but also his friend and family. According to national school of alcohol abuse and alcoholism more than 1600 people die in drunken driving cases.

I had decided to give alcohol and that started with me “CHALLENGING MYSELF WITH 28 days no alcohol“.

Initial days it was hard for me but I had targeted in my mind, and after 4 or 5 days I started to feel the change in my body, it was so refreshing with few extra brain cells and not in that fuzzy and off-kilter and semi hangover state. Not drinking allowed me to get back to fitness and exercise and healthy diet. I noticed that I was more articulate and I was able to focus more and my memory had also sharpened. Not taking alcohol regularly will,

1 ) reduce the chance of you being alcohol dependent
2) you will sleep better
3) reduce the risk of some serious disease
4) your looks and complexion will improve.
5) you will save some money and have more energy. So in end, i will like to quote G.K Chesterton “Drink because you are happy and not because you are miserable”.

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