4 Top Dramas from Hollywood

Drama movies showcase the best aspects of film making. A drama movie is a great combination of audio and visuals that captures every human’s imagination in some way or the other. They can make you laugh and cry, and sometimes both at the same time. Here are some drama movies that is worth a watch for free if you haven’t already.

1. The Shawshank Redemption.
The tale of a prison escape gone the way it was supposed to and the capturing of raw emotions along the line is what Shawshank Redemption is. It is film making at its best and makes to all the best drama movies list everywhere because it is one of the best drama movies of all time.
2. Good Will Hunting
The film tells us the story of a gifted young janitor discovered by a Professor one day at a school hallway while he was solving a difficult Math puzzle. Of course, the plot is more complicated than that. You will need to watch the movie if you haven’t already to experience this epic movie.
3. Forrest Gump
Another masterpiece with Tom Hanks in it. This epic story of a young boy’s journey from a professional runner from the bullies, a soldier, an internationally known table tennis player, a yogi, to a business man. You are definitely in for a ride in this one!

4. The Departed
Apart from having many talented actors in it that play their own respective roles amazingly, this movie captures all the emotions needed for in a movie. Also, it has gangster and corrupt cops. It is like Narcos for the millenials.

These were four of the great drama movies that made it to this list. Honourable mentions goes to City of God, Lost in Translation, Apocalypse Now, Drive, The English Patient and The Killing Fields. You can watch these watch free movies through an online streaming service.

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