Advantages of bitcoin exchange

Bitcoin is the fastest growing crypto currency in the market at the moment. Bitcoin was started back in 2009 with the principle of peer-to-peer transactions cutting down the need of any third party involved in the process and hence making the transactions rate lower. After years of struggles, bitcoin started to make a lot of profit from 2013. The investors and businessman who invested in the crypto currency back in 2009 made a fortune from the trade.

Best bitcoin exchange in India started to skyrocket after this sudden increase the crypto currency. The awareness about bitcoin was limited to the top investors and stock market brokers. Seeing the great potential to make money by investing in Bitcoin, Hesham Rehman and Mohammed Rezwan started Bitxoxo to increase awareness about the bitcoin exchange in India. Bitxoxo was started back in August 2016 and now it is one of the fastest growing bitcoin exchange sites in India. After being involved in bitcoin trading from 2012, the founder of this site had a connection with a community of about 2000+ people investing in bitcoin. Bitxoxo is one of the top bitcoin exchange in India. He started Bitxoxo to make a platform for the exchange of bitcoin for buying, selling or holding as an investment. It provides a simple process to use your money to buy bitcoin and just use it as a currency to buy and sell throughout the globe.
There are various advantages of bitcoin exchange over normal bank transactions through debit cards or credit cards:
• The exchange through bitcoin is less expensive as compared to tradition bank exchanges.
• Bitcoin is accepted globally and hence you can simply use it for foreign transfers and buying commodities throughout the globe.
• Bitcoin payments are fast and you can just hold on to bitcoin in your wallet as an investment.
Crypto currency is seen as the future of financial exchange and with the help of the Bitxoxo, you can take part in making the most of this opportunity.

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