Analysis of GTA 5 Mobile version

The GTA 5 Mobile version includes all the missions available in the main game series along with newly added missions.The option to do scuba diving, jets Ki, hunting, yoga, and various other activities relating to real life like playing golf, tennis, etc. are also available.The game mode of GTA 5 Android and GTA 5 iOS can be easily accessed from any location using the smartphone and the gamers do not need to sit back at home in front of the PC to enjoy the game. The modes of the pedestrians differ than that of the regular versions. The pedestrians are more realistic and while walking, sensing fear, and even seen working on the lawns at some points.

This game emerged due to the user demands who love to play while they are away from home and mainly traveling. The launch of the game has gained much publicity within a short span of time and has highly impacted the productivity of the manufacturers in a positive way.The adventurous game is based in the Los Santos city. The character swapping is available as the game provides 3 variants of the main characters named Franklin Clinton, Trevor Philips, and Michael De Santa.The mobile version resembles the Xbox and the PS mode in the most relevant way. It was initially launched to the public in the year 2015 on the 25th day of September.
The development of the mobile version began along with the launch of the Windows version of the game as the makers saw the huge demand.The beta version is currently in progress and is to be soon launched to the public officially.The game can be equally played using both first, as well as third-person perspective. The fictional city of the game Los Santos is designed using the inspiration from Los Angeles.

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