Basic Fire Stick remote Controls for Kodi

Below, you will find tips that present what the controls do on the Fire stick Remote when working with Kodi.
A important factor you should note is definitely that the Alexa Voice control on the Fire TV Remote doesn’t work. You may use it to state ‘Open Kodi’, nevertheless, you can’t use it in Kodi currently.

Before we start
PwrDown highly recommends you to use a VPN when working with Kodi. IPVanish is among the only best tier VPNs and its tailored designed for Kodi users. It works on virtually all devices like the Amazon Fire Stick. As mentioned on the site, using IPVanish will:
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Kodi settings with Fire TV Remote
Above you can observe the essential controls for Kodi when working with Amazon’s Fire Stick remote. Pressing the house button will need you back again to the Fire Stick house screen, and cannot work inside Kodi. Alexa voice control also doesn’t appear to work inside Kodi.
Use the Menu/Context key to configure add-ons and open up configurations menus within Kodi. You can even use the back key to get around through menus and retrace your techniques.
Finally, in the bottom of the remote are Enjoy /Pause, rewind and fast forwards buttons. Double tap the house button to get fast access to Kodi as well when on the Fire stick home screen.
In the event that you lose your remote, you may use the Fire TV Remote app on the App Shop on your mobile to displace it.

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