Best Law Based Shows on Television

The world of law is so intellectual and intriguing that even the television industry has started making stories around lawyers and law firms that. The entertainment industry has developed so many shows around this plotline that now you can find a popular law based TV Show on every cable network. You can see stories of New York’s best closure to top Sydney criminal lawyer. There are ample shows available which you can binge all weekend long.

The first on our list we have one of the most famous law based TV Show ever, Suits. The story is based i New York, mainly about two characters. One is Big shot corporate lawyer in the city who has great ambitions and a greater moral code. On the other hand we have Mike Ross, a prodigy who has great memory retention power who couldn’t attend college because of some misdeeds that he did in high school. Somehow, both these stories collide and now we have seven seasons of this great show. Next we have a show based in Australia, titled as Rake. Based in Sydney, the story of the show revolves around Rake, the lead protagonist who is great at his job but usually ends defending his clients who in the most cases are guilty. Another popular law based TV Show that we all witnessed were Boston Legal, story of two great lawyers at a firm and their friendship. Boston Legal had an amazing cast and also had star guest celebrities from time to time. At the peak of the show, all the major characters got an Emmy award for their performance.

Many of these shows give inspiration to young generation, and someday someone from the audience will become one of the best Sydney Criminals Lawyer. So let the binge watching begin.
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