Check Out Cryptocurrency & Digital Assets From The Gaming World

Each day that I notice more and more businesses stepping to cryptocurrency for gamers . While we do still appear to be in an early adoption phase of digital money the gaming market was using it for well over ten years. I take a look at the way the blockchain has invaded the video game world and where it may go.

Digital Gold before Bitcoin

Online digital monies have existed ever since the very first MMORPG’s in which sandbox worlds watched the growth of in-game money which had an out-of-game price. I recall playing Ultima Online when I was only out of high school and going on eBay to determine how much people were selling in-game gold for. In college economics course I wrote an entire paper about UO’s digital market and the instructor was curious by he asked more questions. I also finally sold my Ultima Online accounts (my occupation & college invite me), however there were people producing good amounts of money selling digital resources to keen buyers beyond the game.

World of Warcrack

These early game markets had problems of course but a newer generation of games struck the sceneand generated improvements on digital money. Everybody gamer’s secret last time in World of Warcraft alongside games such as EVE online expanded on digital markets while millions of people world wide participated. The exact same could be said for current favorites such as League of Legends and other popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas.

Online Games Blockchain = Perfect Fit!

Though these massive AAA names have millions of players and therefore millions of in-game resources, you do not really have possession of one of these things out of this game. That means whatever you spend is controlled by a central authority or the game maker and just has value in that 1 game. Input from the Blockchain (Enter Sandman plays in the background as the audience cheers!).

Together with blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies the digital assets of a game may currently belong right to you and you always have the option to prove it since they’d now live on the blockchain for everybody to see. Together with cryptocurrency as the foundation for an in-game money you can have several games which use exactly the identical coin and there for have the capacity to move value across platforms. Employing a cryptocurrency for gamers established in-game market today gives that token worth out of only the centrally controlled game universe and you’ve got complete control of it.

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