Constant Improvement on our Well-being (Bien-être)

Constant improvement on things help improve the quality of things, product or material. When it comes to Well-being (Bien-être),there is no limit to which one can improve oneself. Constant improvement must be sought in factors that affects and contributes to health in all sense. One must be able to identify things that are affected when anything goes wrong with our health r state if wellness. This way, we would know factors that have direct relationship with our health. Some of those factors are our work, daily activities and other important factor like our Spirituality (Spiritualité).

Just like the way processes are broken down into meaningful bits and worked upon for improvement in manufacturing and production, same can be done on factors that affect our state of health. Many of the factors mentioned have a varying contribution and that is why Metaphysics (Métaphysique) can study them and provide meaningful healing methods to deal with issues related to health and state of wellness. Our health affects many things like our association and relationship with people, happiness, and disposition towards things. Our productivity at work and activeness are dictated by the state of our health and mental alertness. Emotional stability and balance are very important in any improvement that can be achieved. Emotional intelligence and alertness can only be gotten by Personal development (Développement personnel) activities.

One must not stop in training the mind on mental alertness and fast response on matters. Emotional intelligence is one of the most priced values of a person. One must be able to study one’s environment, people around, the strength and weakness of immediate people around so as to maintain a working relationship with them. Our health and wellness partly depend on this relationship as a factor seen in Understanding our environment in relation to our health is very important and must be encouraged as a skill that everyone must learn and appreciate.

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