Costing of plastic surgery in Singapore

Cost is the most important to think before you decide to go for the plastic surgery. However, dealing with the professional surgeons for best results is given first priority because there are also some local guidelines which are cheapest but not good to deal. Though money is a basic need, it’s also good to consult with the best surgeon for our good.

Price range varies according to each and every type of plastic surgeries. Few are mentioned below.

Breast costing –

The common surgery nowadays is breast lift singapore . Not only in Singapore, breast lift become popular all over the world. So the cost of breast surgery is pretty high. Breast enlargement cost is approx – SGD 13000, breast augmentation with implants cost is approx- SGD 15000, breast enhancement cost around SGD 9788 onwards. Breast augmentation cost is USD 8000. Doctor’s fee is like $ 13k, hospital fee of day surgery cost is $ 3.5k -4k and anesthesia fee is around $1.5k. Breast lift surgery also available in cheap prices.

Chin costing –

Chin augmentation cost is around SGD 4000-6000.

Tummy cost –

Mostly when women get pregnant and gives birth to the baby, after that they gain weight. To tuck the tummy there is plastic surgery is available which cost from SGD 12000 to 2000 which in USD 6250, depends on the weight.

Eyelid surgery cost –

Eyelid surgery is available for the person who have single eyelid and if they want double eyelid. So if we check the cost of eyelid surgery it costs like lower eyelid surgery with SGD- 4500-5500, whereas upper eyelid surgery cost is USD- 1650.

Facelift surgery cost –

Face lift cost which includes neck lift cost is SGD 20000 – 22000.

These costing, we have mentioned above is just an approximate costing parameter. Actual cost may differ from this, as it is completely depends on the hospital and doctors. Every doctor’s consultation fee charge is different from another.

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