Dental Procedures by best Doctors in London

Dental procedure is the process performed by dentist or dental hygienist. There is a different process for different problems in dental.
Different problems faced by people are like cavities, gingivitis, periodontitis, and others.

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1. Fillings and repairs – there is a different material used for filling teeth. When tooth got decay mainly called cavity. It is generally found in enamel or upper layer of dentin. The filling also called as restoration. The restoration was done by different material like amalgam, GIC, composite. Tooth trauma can be caused by cracked or broken teeth, nail-biting, grinding (bruxism) it also needs restoration for the correction.
2. Roots Canals (Endodontics) – It’s the process of removal of tooth pulp. The remaining space is cleaned, space is cleaned, shaped and filled once the damaged diseased or dead pulp is removed. The pulp of the tooth contains nerves, arteries, veins, and tissue. When this get damaged root canal treatment is done. One of the most common causes of pulp damage is cracked tooth, deeply decayed tooth, injured tooth.
3. Dental Crowns- Crowns are placed over the tooth. It’s generally done after root canal treatment. Crowns are also called as caps. They are made of metal, metal fused, and protein. It protects the tooth inside after the procedure.
4. Bridges and implants- There are two ways of replacing missing tooth or teeth. A bridge also is known as a fixed denture. The most common bridge is a fixed bridge, which consists of a false tooth with crowns attached to either side. A bridge is used to fill the gap left by missing tooth.
Dental implants are fixed partial denture done by surgical.
5. Extractions – A tooth extraction is the removal of the tooth from its socket in the bone. There are many reasons for extracting the tooth. Root stump, excessive decayed tooth. Generally, wisdom tooth is extracted as it hinders the other tooth and opening of the mouth.
6. Teeth Whitening- Teeth get darken due to age due to different reasons. Regularly drinking coffee, black teeth, smoking cigarette leads staining of teeth. Whitening is done to make the aesthetic of the teeth look good. There are different methods of whitening of teeth.
These procedures are very important to keep your teeth healthy and we provide you with the best dentist in London, so you get the best possible care.

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