Determing Celebrity Net Worth

Now, all of US like to see ourselves as being successful, famous, good looking and wealthy, but what gave us this view of life? There were not many stations, so, there were not many performers etc. when TV was first invented Yet, as the stations grew, so did the popularity. Individuals consider it’s a novelty to be on TV, so, they presume that the means to be famous is to reproduce a celebrities in order to become this popular as they must have done something right.

If they have been so busy attempting to be a clone of their ideal role model more and more people use celebrities to be their role models, yet, when will they have to time to really be themselves?

All of us need to look like a supermodel, nevertheless, the cult of celebrity net worth is destroying the society of today. This problem is quite serious as people of now become stressed, depressed and keep attempting to stick to a diet they understand they may be going to finally give up on.

Whatever happened to kids playing on the roads, devising their own games, not growing up too fast? They became addicted to magazines, TV and the radio where they strive to become a celebrities. What occurred to people adoring the queen? Now, footballers are the royals of the 21st century. Are they well-known for kicking a ball about because they bring in a lot of money? As for me, I consider we pay an excessive amount of attention to celebrities. We do not have time to be ourselves.

As the generations grow people forget there are more things in life than acclaim and money – it is the ‘little people’ who keep the country moving. These individuals are ‘small’ but they make a significant difference to the world, even over a celebrities does. In my opinion, people should keep a ‘small’ man as a role model and leave the celebrity net worth out of their heads. So, at least the kids of today will help the country instead of kicking a ball about or goin to do plastic surgery with all the money they make. click here to get more information ashley sharpton net worth.

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