Difference between digital and electronic signature

Ideally, in the technology world many terms are used interchangeably like the terms electronic and digital signature. Basically, electronic signature is a way of portraying your sign on the digital documents. There are different methods to be used to capture the signature on a document. For instance, you can use your smart phones or tablets to capture the image of your inked signature. This can be done by using a stylus and signing in the provided box. On the other hand, free digital signature (assinatura digital gratuita) goes a step ahead to electronic signature for documents. The digital sign will encrypt the content in the digital documents. The person who wants to digitally sign should get a digital certificate first. There are many software vendors who are providing this service from where you can buy the digital certificate. The certificate offered differs from one client to another. This certificate is embedded with two keys, one is a private key and the other is a public key. The document can only be opened by the recipient, if he has the public key. The public key should match with the private key of the document to open the document.

Few of the difference between digital and electronic signature for documents includes
• Digital signature is like locking your document. For instance, if you tamper or add a few more points in the document after it is signed, then the digital sign becomes invalid whereas the electronic sign has high scope for alteration and tampering.
• Digital signature is highly secure and safe. It is not an easy task to decrypt the hashes. Moreover, the encryption technology used in the digital certificate is highly secured. Conversely, electronic signatures are not as secure as digital ones and these signatures do not follow any standards.
• Digital signature is cannot be repudiated. There is a private key given for every digital certificate. This identifies the person and is unique. On the other hand, electronic signatures are hard to validate.

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