In Ilaya fertility clinic you will find the best tissue Regeneration

Until recently, the only possibility of obtaining organic material from a human body without a surgical procedure was to collect the blood from the baby’s umbilical cord at birth. That was the way to ensure a healthy future for your children, but now with scientific and technological advances, you have the possibility to do it for you too.

In the Ilaya fertility clinic, a method called Tissue Regeneration is applied, which consists of using human stem cells taken from the same body to recover biological materials from tissues and bones that have suffered damage due to injury, accident or illness.

These stem cells are extracted from different parts of the body and are grown in their laboratories that are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. They also have the ability to store these cultured cells through the Bio-insurance service that allows the cryopreservation of these cells in your CryoBank so you can use them throughout your life.

These stem cells can be collected from the human body at any age, but it is recommended to extract them at an early age since their regenerative power is greater, being able to obtain superior benefits in their health.

In the Ilaya fertility clinic has more than a decade of practical experience applying stem cell treatment and nowadays they have a success rate of around 80 percent.

But Ilaya does not just apply the treatment. Currently, they have a team of specialized scientists who are highly motivated to carry out extensive and in-depth research on the possibilities of stem cell treatments. It is hoped that in the near future many of the degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, optic degeneration, diabetes and even Alzheimer’s can be successfully treated using stem cells.
One of the objectives of the Ilaya fertility clinic is that you have a normal and healthy life.

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