Is The Rabbit Green? A Safe Sex-Toy Guide

With the debut of the present green fad, did you ever wonder about the toxins in your sex toys? Incidentally, I’m trusting that this isn’t only an organic fashion or the politically correct means to be right now, but instead the new and just means for our future world. It’s essential that all of us become aware of strategies to conserve our beautiful planet earth, and keep ourselves safe and healthy also.

These plastics are softened with phythalates, a controversial family of chemicals. Included in these are the tempting soft “jelly” or “cyberskin” sex toy items which are becoming so well known in the past couple of decades.

Though the earlier models, like the notorious “Rabbit” were created with PVC plastics, it had been hard for a lot of the bigger stores to carry lots of items and yet avoid PVC. It was ultimately cheaper and the educated buyer had yet to get to the consciousness plateau that exists now of green products, ie. Soaps, detergents, sheets, linens, foods, and yes, sex toys!

Many have attempted a Vibrators sex toy once or twice. This fantastic odor of the brand new plastic toy is basically the new toy “off-gassing”, meaning it is releasing VOC’s to the environment. The problem with VOCs? Organic compounds are the basis of all household items and comprise carbon as their main element. VOCs, by comparison, are chemical substances that vaporize at room temperature.

They’re suspected carcinogens, meaning that they can lead to cancer once you breath them in. So think about what harm you can do when you place these “secure” plastic sex toys on your “vajayjay”… as Oprah would say!

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