Is There a New Futura project to be Launched?

The new Futura project was launched around core region Island. Affecting the development sits near the Leonie condotel and Leonie. This new Futura was built to contain a total size area of about 87,034 square feet that can easily house two blocks of the residential building around each of the 36 storeys high.

The new Futura can be able to accommodate about 124 households. It was built with aluminum that sprout from the tower at the different levels indicating the widths and lengths. The new Futura was awarded the company BCA Green Mark Gold in structuring, constructing and designing of the project.

The exclusive was spaces near the sky terrace that can easily provide warm internal with a little visible glow from the outside. Affecting all the spaces as well as improving all the entry experience from the outdoor view. The crown acts as a light beacon enlarging the development in a visible manner from a distance as a part of the skyline. The real concept about the light beam is the wall feature showing from one part to the middle allowing the light feature to provide a steady lighting effect all around the sky entrances. Once the light is steady all the iconic elements can easily be seen from distance at night.

The new future was about 600 meters away from the train station known as Somerset which works around the North south region. This enables the residents in the area to have a moment of tranquil because the American club and Tanglin Club. They can enjoy the greenery lush near the fort Canning Park. The park has various out door facilities that the Futura resident can easily make use of such as the new futura drive way from the golf in the Tanglin Club for the golf lovers.

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