Kik online: a new method of online messaging

Kik is one of the latest entries in the world of online text messaging or instant messaging and is supported for all the major mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Symbian as well as the newly introduced blackberry. You can find your friends on Kik with the help of their unique kik usernames.

It has proven to be a good messaging forum for the teenagers chatting. There are a large number of messaging apps and services available for the smart phones; Kik continues to be one of the most popular ones among them due to his new intuitive interface which is liked by many people.

How is finding Kik friends different from other messaging applications?
The Kik Messengercan send text messages and notify the sender whether that message has been delivered on not. It also tells the sender whether the message sent by them has been read by the recipient who is a very important feature.

It so happens that sometimes when you need to send an important message to anyone, but their phone is either switched of or out of signal coverage, the message might not reach them and we would require other methods of communicating with them to deliver that message. During these times the Kik online feature comes in handy and informs the sender whether their message has reached its destination or not.

Another handy thing about Kik is that you can chat with unknown persons without sharing your mobile numbers. You just need to share your Kik username, and you are all set for chatting.

You can find your Kik friends easily without actually knowing their mobile numbers, and this is a helpful feature to preserve one’s privacy.

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