Meaning of Employment and the Role of Employment Centers

An employment is a contract between two parties where some agreement is made for work to dine with a particular pay that is agreed upon. An employment is usually between the individual and an organization or a corporation. It can also be between two organizations as on employs the other to render some service of which the one rendering the service get paid by the one to which the service is rendered. Many organizations have got some Recommended Employment Center (僱傭中心推介) to work with. The work of these employment centers is to connect an employer with an employee in a very easy manner.

Employment centers are like the bridge that connects employers and employees together. They know both parties and it makes it easy for them to give the employer accurate information about their employee and also intimate the employee about the job description so as to make proper plans to meet the requirement if there be any additional as resented by the Employment Company (僱傭公司) from the employing company. Employing companies and their aid, which is the employment centers, work hand in hand by providing the employment centers with vacancies and requirement for a job.

There are some vacancies that personnel to be recruited for them must be highly experienced. Vacancies like human resource managers, managing director, project director and some other positions need qualified and experienced individuals. Searching for such individual may be demanding and would take time as well. An employment center will get qualified personnel for this type of vacancy within a short time since they have a pool of personnel at their disposal seeking for job opportunities. It is a matter of service rendered and how influential a service organization is that answers the question of 僱傭中心邊間好 (which employment center is good?) in the industry of employment agencies.

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