Mega Yacht sales is best for buying yacht

If you are thinking of buying a yacht. Then you have to consider many factors such as the engine power, propeller type, fuel tank water tank capacity, the displaced weight and lot more technical things. So, to make things easier for you mega yachts for sale is here. We are here to help you get your dream yacht at very affordable rate. The service we provide is speechless and beyond anyone’s imagination. We sell super yacht at such low rate you won’t even believe. And the best thing is that you don’t have to worry about the quality. The service we provide is best in the market. We assure 100% refund or replacement if any faulty product reaches you.

The Gotham project is famous among our fans. This is a Batman related project, ever wonder what about it would look like if Batman will remake a Yacht? This is what it looks likes, super sleek, Aerodynamic, matte black coloured bat boat that instantly reminds you of Batman when you see it. This boat comes in the category of Mega Yacht. And it is expected that this project will end in 2020. The overall length of this yacht is 45.84 metres with the maximum draft of 2.10 meters. The cruise speed it can go up to is 22 knots with 25.3 cruise speed RPM. This Batman can go a maximum of 27 knots that is 31 miles per hour. That is some really fast speed.
The famous engine manufacturer MTU is assigned for building core component that is engine for this Batman boat. The basic specification is, there are two diesel engines of 2000 horsepower each. Each engine has 16 strokes aligned in the V fashion. This Inboard engine are used to power twin screw that trust the boat to the speed of light. You can get many more similar at yachts at Mega yachts sale.

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