Methods offered by the virotherapy clinic Center to treat Stage 1 melanoma treatment

The most used treatment against the cancer fight is oncolytic virotherapy, which works by using a unique virus which can first detect and then eliminate the different malignant cells that the tumor that is found in any part of the body of the affected person. In our center to start the treatment of melanoma a virus is introduced into the patient’s body, he encounters the malignant cells and infects them. The whole process is called oncotropism.

The idea is that the virus multiplies rapidly in all the malignant cells and kills them, this procedure is known as oncolysis. The virus apart from destroying the harmful cells also displaces the natural defense mechanisms of the entire immune system of the body, including the ability to defend against other tumor cells.
According to how advanced the disease is, there are different ways to induce the treatment of melanoma, however, this treatment is applied to both Stage 1 melanoma treatment and stage 2 melanoma treatment cancers. In our center we apply some typical methods to attack melanoma, the most used are: the surgery that is applied when the melanoma is in the initial stage, a great variety of options are used for the treatment. Radiation therapy is the treatment that uses x-rays or other radiation to kill cancer cells. Chemotherapy is perhaps the best known, it is a systemic means to destroy tumor cells, prevent their growth and destroy those cancer cells that are disseminated in other parts of the body.
Finally, we have immunotherapy, special for skin cancer, used to treat the high risk of metastasis and recurrence. Do not wait any longer and contact us, we offer advice and clarify all your doubts regarding the treatments, this therapy activates the immune system, which allows identifying faster and thus being able to destroy malignant cells.

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