No more interest or monthly charges on Pockit prepaid card

Until recently people required a basic bank account, a checking account if it was to manage their salary or a savings account to save the regular reserves. Some instruments that subsequently made their appearance in the banking system as a tool to provide support to customers at the time of having their money, allowed to facilitate its use without having to go directly to the bank to withdraw the money, as in the case of the checkbook.

Nowadays and with the appearance of more sophisticated instruments, you get greater benefits without having to take risks with cash in hand. Credit and debit cards have replaced other instruments, the convenience, and benefits that electronic money offers are very safe.
In addition, they can also easily obtain pre-paid cards, with which they can manage money more efficiently without the worry of exceeding the limits or becoming over-indebted.
Go Henry is the best system in charge of providing a wide variety of financial products provided by the most important financial institutions that include checking and savings accounts, in addition to information for the best use of its functionality. Here you will find the most innovative financial products for children, youth, and adults, just by registering at you can acquire and sharpen the service that best suits your needs. With Go Henry, you can give your children the freedom to manage money by being in control with the new Pockit prepaid card.
Start enjoying great advantages with the use of Pockit Card, you can have a login to your online account, keep track of what you spend, with this monitoring you can keep the charges virtually zero, you can use the card to withdraw cash and obtain some percentages of discounts and refunds in authorized stores.
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