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Ricky Lamar Hawk was named Silento and was born in the year 1998 on the 22nd day of January in Atlanta, Georgia. His childhood time was mostly spent by listening to the recordings of the superstars in the music industry like Mariah Carey, Ciara, User, and Future. His teenage passion included basketball too. For his basketball fascination, he spent most of his time on the basketball court until he was finally admitted to high school in the year 2010. This was the time when his mood shifted towards music and he himself started practicing.

In one of the interviews, Silento stated that he was unwilling to return back to his practice sessions for basketball as he had already quit the sports when he was in the tenth standard and got engaged to music and performed at birthday partiesin his neighborhood and various events conducted at the school.He constructed his own beats and lyrics eventually, with time.At his debut performance, he broke the records of the hip-hop in the year 2015. He was one of the members of the music groups while studying in the eighth standard.Later, he used to spend his maximum time in the studios and finally, in 2015 he received a break with a hit song and gained 2 million hits on the song within a week’s time.Soon, he was offered a contract from Capitol Records which was re-released as a single debut song.
This was the initial rising point in the life of Silento from which he became famous and continued to deliver one hit after the other to impress all his fans.Other than his single works he went a long way with the duets along with the familiar names in the industry like Marcus, Dawn Sophia Grace and many others in the world of rap. His estimated net worth is one million US dollars.
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