Paintball Masks – Your Options

Thus, you wish to disappear in the forests? You picked an ideal piece of paintball equipment to start using – the mask. The mask is the first thing most players view, since it’s generally what pokes out first behind trees, bunkers, and bushes. Most players understand a bright mask is undoubtedly the worst to use from the forests, as it readily place, in spite of minimal exposure.

If it has to do with vforce profiler paintball masks, you have a few alternatives. A lot of big name manufacturers in paintball like Dye, JT, BT, and Empire have jumped onto the bandwagon and offered up several camo versions of the most well-known masks.

The several kinds of camo you’ll be able to find on their masks are: digital, snow, urban, dessert, and woodland. Every form of camo is useful in various environments (as you’d expect. As of this moment, digital is the very popular one of the paintball community, not just as it’s been demonstrated to be more successful, but also because it seems cool.

Below is a breakdown of a few of the brands which sell camouflaged masks.

Dye – The I4 is the best mask at this time. It’s a “bird-of-prey” kind look for it, which appeals to a lot of players. Additionally, it has among the most comfortable fits on the market, and an extremely broad array of vision.
Proto – The Axis Guru, and Change are just two popular versions with this particular pattern. These masks are famous for their small profile, and ease of removing the lens for cleaning. Being able to eliminate the lens easily is a major plus if you have a significant head shot.

JT – The mask in particular which includes this routine is your spectra, alpha, and bend. All of that are popular – that the Flex being the hottest. Among the masks, the Flex-8 is available as a complete helmet fashion mask.


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