Perfection in the art of heat logs

From the first times the human being; especially in European countries where in winter there are sub-zero temperatures; He has sought in the fire that heats that allows him to keep above all in the internal spaces of their homes and workplaces, the ideal temperature to carry out their daily activities normally.

In the evolution of perfecting the satisfaction of this need for heating, we have been born “Lekto Wood Fuels”, a family business of internet sales, of products related to that fuel as well known to everyone as wood; Our logs for sale , are characterized by being of high quality and reliability, managing to maintain inside the enclosures closed optimal heat log according to the user’s preference, with only regulate the levels of oxygen in the stove or chimney.

The generation of heat or heat energy using wood as a raw material has been threatened in recent times mainly by the fear of environmental groups to the ecological damage that this activity has been causing to the environment; In response to these concerns, other legitimate and valid experts in this field of energy have developed an entire industry based on economic and ecological sustainability with managed forests and improving the quality of wood with kiln dried logs and bark briquettes with which it has been possible to improve the quality of the combustion both in the periods of useful life in the burning and, the quality of the flame, making the heat register more uniform and lasting; As in the levels of smoke and ash, it is important to emphasize that the latter can be used in the preparation of fertilizer for plants with complete confidence since the wood is free of all types of chemical products.

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