Random Runner, a slot game that does not go out of style

We have all seen a slot machine at some point in our lives and probably most of them have been tempted to try their luck in it. And it is a classic that in its time meant hours and hours of fun in the casinos. For the entertainment of many people, it is now possible to get many virtual versions of this famous game; and Random Runner is one of the best of its kind.

Random Runner rescues the excitement and retro fun of the classic slot machine through a simple graphic style and accessible game options for a large audience of players.
Its protagonists are still fruits, which are combined with bells, stars, the number 7 and a special symbol: the crown. Thus, we can see the classics, watermelons, pears, oranges, lemons, melons, cherries, and grapes. But the fundamental characteristic of Random Runner and the one that manages to differentiate it from the rest of the online slots games is its double line of reels that rotate simultaneously, which translates into double chance to win and double fun.
This modality of two games in one allows playing in base mode or top mode. In base mode, the lowest gain option is to multiply the bet by 4. These can be transferred to Winbank, which will allow you to earn bonuses in top mode. If you manage to get 3 crowns in a single spin you will win 20 times the sum of your bet. If you get a cherry on the first roller, the machine makes a self-assessment that allows you to earn 4 credits. All bets cost 1 credit by default.
The greatest rewards are obtained by achieving a combination of 3 watermelons for a gain of 100 credits and 3 stars for a gain of 200 credits.
Once you have won many credits in your Winbank account you can move to top mode, where each move costs 5 credits.

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