Reasons of why taking care of new born is expensive

Cost of raising a new born is very expensive for the low income families. They need to spend a huge amount on baby stuff and their medicines to groom them healthy. However, if you could not afford to buy baby stuff, then get them for free. There are many baby stuff stores who are giving assortment of free baby stuff for low income families. You can email them to send you the free samples at your doorsteps.

Few of the reasons that tell you of why taking care of a new born is expensive
Childcare costs are high: Taking care of their children hiring a babysitter is the choice of the parents as per their needs and preferences. They would need to spend high on these babysitters to take care of their kids while you are out of home. There are a few baby care centers who charge you a whopping amount to take care of your baby when you go to the office every day until you come. This will dent the pockets of parents.
Diapers are quite expensive: Parents need to buy diaper bags every month, which would cost them, high. Moreover, they need to allocate some budget for these diapers in their expenses. People can buy cloth diapers or disposable diapers as per their choice. Parents who cannot afford to buy disposable diapers will use cloth diapers to wash and again use them or get free baby stuff for low income families.
Cost of medicines is high: There are different types of medicines to be given to the kid in the first year to promote a healthy growth and to keep them away from various diseases. Parents need to spend a huge amount of money on these medicines and first aid supplies to their babies.
Baby feed: In addition to breastfeeding, new moms should also buy baby feed that is rich in nutrients for their babies to keep healthy. There is formula feeding available, which parents can choose for six to eight months’ baby.

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