Road bike tire (pneu velo route) for those who dream big!

Biking is healthy but it is not free of problems. You need a cycle that is comfortable and also strong enough to handle the pressure of biking. This seems easy from outside when you know of all the options in the market however when you are a biker you know that you have to be very picky when you are choosing from the available options. This is because no brand is offering a complete and perfect bland of the desired characteristics that a perfect cycle needs. This is partly because there is no universal standard of a perfect cycle. Everyone’s needs determine the perfection level and standard for them. This is why everyone is needed to keep in mind a few basics when road bike tire (pneu velo route) is the matter at hand:

• the purpose of your bike
• the intensity of biking
• the frequency of your biking routine
• the time duration
• the location where you will bike in general

When these points are clear in your mind, you know what kind of a tire you want for your bike. As mentioned earlier that it is rather our own special needs that determine our choice and that can determine the perfect one for us instead of a particular brand or anything else. If you need to bike for long then you need strong tires that protect you against unnecessary interruption by losing pressure every now and then.

These tires are built with a vectran layer that protects against pneu velo increvable (bike tire puncture).The layer obviously does not make your tires indestructible yet there is comfort in the fact that the effect of the puncture is made to feel less and you can keep riding for a good amount of time before the situation gets out of hands! This is a blessing indeed!

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