Rolling a blunt will never be the same again with Glass Blunt

Yes it is a paperless revolution!!!! And this twisty glass blunt is a cool technology which gives you a smooth or fresh hit every time. You always heard that after smoking rolling pin or Cigars most of common causalities happen like burn lips or burn fingers with its heat insulation but this glass blunt has reduced this burn thing and it remain as a past. Because this twisted screw cool down the smoke by doubling the length of the smoke. You just need to turn or twist of the mouthpiece and then fresh herbs will pushed forward, and it is ready for your favorite herb hit.

We have always heard that smoking is not good for health and blunts are the unhealthiest thing. Earlier Cigar paper contains a major part of nicotine and tobacco which affect your lungs and throat. But the twisty glass blunt is the alternative for those who have some value to their health and like to smoke occasionally, it gives you the pure and aromatic puff all the time whether at office or home. Without paper you will more be able to smell the cannabis flavor.
The twisty glass blunt comes with its own grinder you just all need to do a lighter to light up. It’s built with 2mm thick tough glass and proud feat of German Engineering, Its look like an average new type of cigarette who will not attract any unwanted attention. And once you finished smoking with this glass blunt all you just to do unscrew the blunt and the screw will automatically push out the ash from the end. You can easily carry or stored anywhere, and you can clean it easily after every use. So enjoy your tidy, clean and pure new way of smoking experience without the harshness of burning rolling papers and heat.

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