Sell Your Music with Album Cover Art

Album cover Art reflects your mixtape with it even being heard. Successful brands are not made out of random acts or random decisions but rather careful thought out process on the kind of music they want people to hear and the version of themselves that they want their fans to see. There are something’s that you should clearly define before going ahead to make your album cover art. This would ensure that you come up with a clear cut graphic design that would equal a cover that truly represent you in a classic way that both you and your fans would love. Ever wondered why, most professional artist that wanted to make a painting of a personality would often stick around with them for a brief period? This is because they want to take some time to understand the man that they want to reflect to the world in truth.

Firstly, you must first understand yourself. What kind of person are you. To truly project the best cover art. You must understand you which is the image. Are you a gangster kid, are you an introvert or you are outgoing and loves family and friends or you just prefer being with one person. Whatever it is, most times your music would project it. When this is clear, your design would reflect these attributes that are original and people can relate with. So what if you are different from the kind of mixtape or music you want to sell?
This is where, the second definition comes in. “what do you want to sell?” When you understand what you sell, everything becomes clearly; it’s a Rap mixtape so you have yourself in the hood or in front of a ghetto, or even if it’s a rap. There are some truths you want to communicate and you show a little boy sitting in the Corner behind. With your tittle underneath. With a custom cover mixtape cover that truly reflects a blend of yourself and what you want to communicate. You are sold.

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