Services offered through Pristine Ventures

Through we have the unique priority to help and provide a service to investors during each of the steps of the process, from sponsorship, legal advice, commercial premises, advertising and marketing, business development, the general consultation of the UAE in the commercial sphere and the continental companies against the consultation about the free zones. Develop operations, motivate innovation, form alliances and stimulate relationships between companies and customers, these are our key factors that have led to our success.

The vision at Pristine Ventures is to provide high-quality solutions and services to clients in a unified platform, to help serve and assist corporations and international investors in order to obtain the best knowledge of the requirements for an investment in the UAE.. Hence our mission is to continue raising our current position and increase the level of investment of our customers to become the most recognized and reliable organization in the United Arab Emirates.

On our website you will find the following services to develop and start your business: provide advisory services and training, this is responsible for providing all the help for the formation of different types of companies, be it a company in Dubai or in the free zone of the Middle East, an offshore EAE company or a continental company that offers EAE subsidiary and administration services. The support and consulting service that oversees the entire translation, notarization, settlement and renewal of Visa type PRO and UAE. And finally the opening of any type of bank accounts.

The main objective of our company is to satisfy all the requirements of our clients, we help in any way with our portfolio of services for confidential support companies and those who are interested in evolving or establishing their business permanently in the region. You can contact us through our website.

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