Skip hire Newcastle, your ally in waste disposal

All Town skip hire is a company located in the district of Newcastle, United Kingdom, with 15 years of experience in the area of waste disposal. They are dedicated to the rental of skip hire Newcastle of excellent quality and waste processing, at the best market price. In addition, it provides advice to the client regarding the identification of waste products.
To the skip hireservices, you can call the numbers available on their website ( or fill out an order form in the eWay section. Telephone support is available every day of the week in a time between 7 am and 7 pm. When making an online request, the customer receives an email with the details of their order before formalizing the service contract.

You can make your payments in cash directly to the driver who makes the delivery of the skip, or by credit card, for which no additional charges are charged.
The total cost of the service includes the rental of the container, the delivery of the same and the collection of the waste material.
The rental price of skip bins Newcastle varies depending on the size of the vessel, its capacity and the type of waste handled. The containers of two cubic meters have a capacity of up to 300kg, those of three cubic meters of 500kg, one of four cubic meters of 750kg, one of 6 cubic meters of 1000kg and one of 10 cubic meters of 1500kg.
All are suitable for handling concrete and bricks, waste resulting from the general cleaning of a house such as household items, furniture, glass, paper, wood, tiles, bathroom tiles, biodegradable material or compost, sand, clay, earth, plastic, among others, the handling of asbestos and fibro is done in special containers due to the government regulation of asbestos and have different prices.
All waste from Newcastle skip containers is processed at the Mayfield recycling center and the rest of the local Council.

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