Synthetic Urine – Some of the Most Common Uses

synthetic urine refers to artificially manufactured urine that is actually a combination of water and different other components. The mix includes creatinine, sulfates, phosphates, urea and chloride. The primary usage of this type of urine is in laboratory applications. Besides simulating all chemical and physical properties of natural urine, there are some other substantial benefits of such urine. On top of all the benefits is that there is no waste involved at all. This allows for using such urine in areas where you can’t use real urine because of maintaining hygiene and threats to infectious diseases.

Here are some of the common uses of synthetic urine.
First and foremost, it is used in equipment calibration. Different equipment is used in urine testing and precision is the key to ensure perfect results. Artificial urine is, therefore, used to calibrate different equipment. Natural urine can’t be used here due to variation in its composition due to different factors.
Artificial urine is also used to train students who have to do urinalysis tests. It also helps them in performing clinical experiments on the fake urine. Similarly, it is also used for various scientific purposes as well.

Another common use of fake urine is in diapers testing. Diaper manufacturers often use such urine to check their products’ quality. A somewhat similar application is in the testing of cleaning agents. Marketers and salesmen often use it for demonstrating their cleaning agents’ efficiency.

Finally, one of the most important uses of synthetic urine is in drug tests. There are many who use it to pass their drug tests for whatever purposes they have to take them. It’s probably the most popular of all applications this product has. It’s a perfect substitute to original, natural urine because it has all the constituents of natural urine inside. You just have to make sure that you choose a product from the right brand and things will go perfectly for sure.

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