The build up to the Oscars

As we all know there are a lot of fields and industries around the globe. A lot of people aspire to be a lot of things and they just want to be the best in their own industry. One has to agree to the fact that if someone belongs to the entertainment industry then they have to give respect to the best awards in the business. Without any doubt Oscars or the Academy Awards is the biggest prize any person from the field of entertainment could ever desire to win.

The academy awards are really important from the point of view of the western movies and also international movies around the globe. An Oscar is that symbol of excellence that one desires to have in their field of work as entertainer. A lot of people such as actor, actresses, directors, producers, writers, singers, technicians, makeup artists and many more do a lot of things in their life just so that they can ever be worthy of an Oscar. People can buy custom trophies, acrylic trophies or crystal trophies but one thing that they would have to earn in their life would be the stellar trophy of an Oscar.

Every year, Oscars are a landmark event. They are organized annually to felicitate and recognize the great work that was done by some brilliant people in the field of the entertainment. A lot of people are there in the organizing team who make sure that the Oscars are organized in a great manner. The jury decides the movies and talents of the year and seals their decision in an envelope that is only opened at the night of the Oscars. The build up to Oscars is the event where they reveal all the nominations of the year.

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