The Game – 88tangkas

Asia as a continent is well known for their numerous casinos and casino games. A lot of card or poker games are featured in these casinos and are a source of living to a lot of people. One of such poker game is 88tangkas, which together with tangkasnet and 368MM are the various types of bola tangkas. The game comprises of 7- cards, which are used to produce a combination of cards with the highest value. The game begins with a five-card draw poker while two other cards are tossed. The game is only played online today as it has been banned from traditional casinos.

A lot of people have traced the origin of bola tangkas to Indonesia from where it spread to another part of Asia. It came into existence in the 80s and has since become very popular. It is one of the easiest poker game ever originated but requires some level of strategy, tactics, and experience if one must be successful. Before it was banned in casinos, it was played on simple computerized machines, which have sizes similar to a slot machine. So much fun and excitements are experienced when the game is being played. This is why a lot of young people enjoy playing the game.
Like every other online game, a lot of gamers make a lot of money playing 88tangkas. This is because they stake money on the game and if they get the highest value after the cards have been combined, they win a lot of money. Many people use it to generate a secondary income stream while others make it their primary source of income. Some people are quoted to have made statement like “it is fun making money with what you enjoy doing”. It should be noted however, that being successful while playing this game demand experience and tactics as stated earlier in this article. So, don’t jump into playing this game for money if you don’t have those two qualities.
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