The new payment network- Bitcoin

The world has seen many ups and downs but never has seen a day when currency wasn’t necessary. Since the time we were ruled several kings currency and change in currency system did exist. One such change in the currency system that has stirred interest is Bitcoin. It is a cryptocurrency that is the biggest till date. It requires end to end encryption and is a pretty safe payment network. The bitcoin is a digital asset so you do not get a physical touch of it, but you get digital keys and numbers that prove that certain amount is you share. Bitcoin exchange in India is hit these days.

Unlike how banks can intervene and stop your transactions anytime it is impossible to do that with bitcoin. It is a decentralized and unconventional payment system. But it seems to be a safe haven for money laundering and cybercrimes. Absolutely the reason why Indian government is sceptic and is still studying issues regarding it. Although the top bitcoin exchange in India has already built their home and they will stay. To buy or sell you do not have to step out of your home at all (lazy? Bingo!). All you have to do is tap some keys on your phone or laptop and done.
Bitcoin is being called the new gold already. Likely, but not yet. The comparison is real though. With time it might get to be just like the benchmark gold. With Bitcoin unlike the physical currency the inflation is capped. But the currency is floating. Hence, before you hit the best deal, research, don’t stop at one, know the rates and they you will definitely find the Best bitcoin rate . It is not tough but definitely takes some expertise to know, understand and anticipate the result.

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