The progressive approach in recent time

In the year 2011, the maze game termed as scary maze game was released to the public by the creator Villains Wiki. With the release of the game, it raged like fire throughout the world and was most familiar to the young generations and played as a trick on friends. A lot of YouTube videos of were posted with the reactions of people playing the game which were humorous as well as funny on seeing the ghost image popping up when the snake hit the walls of the maze. The crazy maze game gained a lot of prominence through the videos and posts that were made for it. The individuals who were not aware of the maze game eventually began playing after watching the videos, thus, the productivity of the game was boosted to the maximum. This was like a social publicity done and many used it as a prank game on others.

The views and the comments on the game videos on YouTube as well as other such video streaming as well as social websites took a hike up to the maximum extent as people liked the concept of the gameplay and thought it to be a unique one. The videos posted on the social media related to the game were termed as the screamer video as they had higher sound effects along with screaming of the individuals in the act. The game itself is a screamer, meme, prank game as well as a sensation towards the videos being made with its aspect.

The game has emerged since it was primarily released to the world. This is the best combination of mind-set utilization with solving the maze concepts are conquering the game or simply taking in a chill to the spine with the scary pop-up and the thriller mode of losing.

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