The reason you should send eggplant mail to someone

Do you want to send an inspiring, funny and hilarious congratulatory message to someone? Are you searching for the best and most hilarious way to let your secret crush know how you feel about him or her? Have you been thinking of the best way to prank your best friend on his or her birthday? If these are what you are looking for, there is no need to worry further. The answer you need simply lies about sending eggplant mail. This is a practical, exciting and funny way of making someone happy and excited. It is the best prank that can produce a positive and hilarious reaction from your target.

The best way to prank your friend using eggplant mail on his or her birthday
If you have a friend that loves and shares a sense of humor with you, you can send an eggplant to him or her. This can be done on several occasions including birthday. The truth is that eggplant message can be hilarious and memorable to the receiver. It can make the person that receives it to remember you for a long time in his or her life. The most exciting thing is that you are allowed to add a custom message on the eggplant. That means you can compose a good, exciting and comical birthday message for your friend using eggplant. The mailing company will package this in a discrete way so that no one will tell the content of the package till opened.
Just send eggplant mail to make your friend feel special and loved
Apart from birthday, there are many other occasions when sending eggplant mail can be suitable. Some of the occasions for this eggplant prank include:
• Any holiday (Hanukah, Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s, Halloween)
• Anniversaries
• Congratulations on new achievement (engagement, newborn, wedding, new job).

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