The yoni egg, a millenary practice that is still valid, acquire them at

Entering you can buy yoni egg quickly and easily, “Yoni” which is a Sanskrit word for the female genitals which means sacred space, this practice goes back 5,000 years back in ancient China, with yoni eggs or eggs Vaginal as they are also told women for that time sought to have a sexual connection, these stones were used by high society women, emperors, and concubines of the emperor, with these stones they sought to have greater sexual power and maintain strong organs despite old age.

The yoni egg in addition to having sexual benefits also has important benefits such as increasing the vaginal flow and therefore increase the defenses contributes with a considerable improvement in terms of the emotionality of the woman, if the woman has an irregular menstruation then the yoni egg will help regulate your period.
The yoni egg when introducing it into your vagina will be extremely effective when performing kegel exercises that is nothing more than tightening the pelvic floor muscles for about 10 seconds then relax the muscles for another 10 seconds and then repeat this process at least about 3 times, these kegel exercises egg are recommended to do them 3 times a day to achieve better results, making this kegel exercise women routine have confirmed to feel better about the sexual aspect.
If you are interested in buying yoni eggs do not hesitate to enter, where you can get yoni eggs from different stones, each with different properties, the Opal Stone egg yoni, for example, is associated with desire and eroticism , its use will greatly improve your sexual activity, there is also the Lapis Lazuli egg yoni that is pale blue and has a size a little bigger than the rest of the yoni eggs and undoubtedly improves the orgasmic potency, these and many more eggs yoni can get them safely at

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