Tips to help you buy a paintball mask

Your current paintball mask is battered and bruised and maybe even cracked. It is time to shop for a replacement. Since there are so many masks out there, how do you choose one that will fulfill your needs?

We will quickly go over the various buying factors that you must consider, as suggested in Paintball Gun Doc’s best paintball mask buying guide.

First of all, if you are less than 18 years of age, you will be allowed to play paintball only if you wear a full face mask or helmet. Though it might be uncomfortable, it will allow you to play! If you are over 18, you can look at more comfortable options that might not offer full face protection. Since you will be protecting the back of your next with common sense and strategy that doesn’t expose your neck to the opponent, it is all right to shop for paintball masks that offer only front and side protection.

But, whatever you do, buy a paintball mask with ear protection. Though the ear is mostly cartilage, it still stings for days if you get hit there.

Another factor you must consider is weight. You don’t want something heavy wearing your down, especially when you are playing lengthy games in woods ball type settings.

The mask also needs to be very breathable, without giving you fogging problems. As a basic requirement, buy only a paintball mask anti fog model. Otherwise, heavy sweating or heavy breathing will fog up your lens, compromising your vision that will ruin your game both in defense and offense aspects.

The quality and largeness of vision is the next important factor you must consider. While some masks only let you see in front, the better ones give you a lot of peripheral vision as well. Your field of vision is your source of intelligence on the paintball field and you must try to have as much of it as possible. It also helps to get lenses with UV protection as you can’t wear shades under your paintball masks. However, most paintball masks can accommodate regular styled glasses under the mask, while still providing a very comfortable feel.

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