Unified Communications: What Is It And What Makes It Important?

Communication is a vast term in this modern world. Technology has changed the entire aspect of communications. It is no longer only words spoken or written on pages by a person. It is a vast umbrella that encompasses different ways of communications. This umbrella can be termed as unified communications or UC in Information Technology world.

It is the culmination of every day online activities we do. Instant messaging, video conferencing, telecom industry usage, all these form the crux of unified communications. It is a set of multiple of paths that helps in engaging more users for the client. Some of the ingredients of the UC are listed below.
The instant messaging:
This is one of the most common and popular way of communications these days. The normal chat that we do every day is what makes this a vast way of communication. The sheer number of platforms, like Facebook, whatsapp, Lync etc. makes this huge platform with humongous volume. The data centers are primarily filled with information and metadata of a Facebook profile than classified information of government. This goes to tell the size of the modern day communications.

Data sharing platforms: Whether it is Google drive or drop box, we constantly share documents and files. Any modern organization needs this sharing platform where their personnel can access them. This is another way of communication. This sharing of files resulted in the rise of cloud computing, whether it is a normal cloud or a hybrid cloud. It is important for any functioning enterprise.
The security: The security checks and authentication of users are also a communication. This is a major part UC. For example, a phone authenticates its user using facial recognition. To do so, it needs to check and match with the existing and correct face information of that user. This is communication for security. This shows the importance of UC.

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