Voonik shopping app for online shopping of dress materials

Voonik shopping app has got popularity among people using a smart phone. It has first started as a mobile app, before coming up as online shopping. The filters are related to skin toning shape and brand. It has popularity in online shopping formany years. It has AI modules and MAD stack suites which play the key role in the development of the application.

Voonikshoppingapp for online and mobile shopping
Cloud modules are used in the application so that security of the application is not violated. The bar, emotion and also any object are developed to recognize the application. Voonik is the shopping app, which understands the requirements of the customers. The facilities are making the app popular amongst the people. Voonik shopping app doing very good business as per the data is collected. It offers lots of discounts and has very reasonable prices.They are offering important brands also. So all these qualities are making people trust Voonik.
Online shopping made life easier
Voonik shopping app mainly deals with women fashion. The company headquarter is Bengaluru in Karnataka.Firstly it is started in as a mobile application, later on, the website is developed. It is first founded by Sujayath Ali and Nvaneetha Krishnan. By 2016 the company has around 500 employees.E-commerce has made a huge profit in around USD 80 million. Some registered user and some registered user are around 10 million and 8 million who downloads the app.

Business strategy
Voonik is not operating with any inventory and fulfillment centers. According to data, during 2016, VCCircle and E-commerce form 15000 sellers has claimed to have 15 lakh products. Voonik shopping app and try to get the offers they are giving. It doesn’t mange the delivery orders; Online merchants generally gather items from the seller.

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