What are stove top fans?

Slowly gaining popularity
A stove fan; a new innovation that is slowly starting to creep into people’s homes but what is it? Stove Fans are something that is a very new innovation and is not something which has really spread and people don’t really know what it is or what it does. A stove fan is actually a very simple device which helps to regulate the temperature of a room.

A stove fan has blades which start moving on its own when the temperature increases as the motor starts moving thanks to the heat energy that it receives. How it works is simple; we place the stove fan on top of a heat source such as a log burner or a wood burning stove. As the temperature starts increasing and the stove fan starts warming up, the motor slowly starts and the blades start moving. It does not need to be plugged into any power source or does not need any power which means that it is very ecofriendly and only needs to be placed on top of a naturally burning stove to operate. As the stove heats up naturally, the stove fans start working its magic. The motor make the blades go around and it becomes like a regular fan, the only difference being that the stove fans gushes out light breezes of warm winds. It takes in the heat from the source and churns it out in the form of very light gusts of warmth blanketing the entire room in a nice cozy temperature.
Keeps the environment healthy
A stove top fan spreads the heat from the source and keeps us comfortably warm in our homes but doesn’t consume any power and thus is a very eco-friendly alternative to huge heaters which consume tons of power in the winter.

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