What are the Poker rules?

Every game will be having different rules to accomplish the game. Every player should follow the rules of the game otherwise they will be disqualified from the game. Poker 99 online is the online betting game which everyone will enjoy to play. poker 99 online game is developed by Indonesia. To play this game online you need to register first. Most poker games start with forced bet which is known as blind. The following are some rules which each and every player should follow when they are playing the game.

Bet – Poker is nothing but the betting game. If one player has made bet, then other cannot able to bet. You should have to play on choosing other bets.

Fold – Fold means if any player did not win the game but they did bet then they should be surrendered as a penalty to pay.

Check – If betting is not there for current round means then they will pass the cards in clockwise to the next person. After completion of all active player checks, it will reach the last person then the game will be completed.

Texas Hold’em ruling – In Texas, there are three main rules which are No-limit, Fixed limit and pot limit. No limit means calling the person to match the bet which has made before. Fixed limit means bet did not make by anyone then you have the chance to bet. If once the bet has been made, then you have the chance to raise the bet size. This is called pot limit.

7 card Stud Bettingruling – While distributing the cards by the dealer if accidentally turned up then the third card should be face down. If the wrong person did betting and next player did not bet, then the person should bet using the real low card.

These are the rules should have followed by each and every player. In poker 99 online also there will be rules as Texas Hold’em. Without following rules, no one is eligible to play any of the game.

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