What should be the ideal length of a corporate video?

One of the biggest factors most organizations try to determine when producing corporate videos is the length of the corporate videos. How long should corporate videos be? To be precise, the length of a corporate video should just be enough to serve the intended purpose. It should not be shorter or longer, but just enough. It is important to understand that corporate video is a collective term that covers a wide range of videos. This means that the overall length of a corporate video will mostly depend on the type of video being made. A Video production company London can produce a short video ad for social media audiences.

The video can be 5 seconds long and still deliver the marketing message. The advantage of such a video is that online viewers are not likely to press the “skip” button when they come across the videos since it is only 5 seconds long. On the other hand, a corporate video production company can also produce a promotional video for social media audiences. Promotional videos are usually longer. Some promotional videos can actually be more than 10 minutes long. Basically, just stating that the length of a corporate video “depends” on many factors is not distinctly helpful if an organization is attempting to optimize the video length.

At the same time, it is worth mentioning that how much a corporate video is watched depends on the length of the video. For example, an online video that is shorter than 30 seconds is more likely to be watched to the end by at least 80% of people that click on it. If an online video is longer than 30 minutes, only about 25% of the people that click on it will watch the video to the end. Superficially, this would suggest that a shorter video is better than a longer video. But then a question comes: what if a corporation cannot communicate all relevant information within 30 seconds?

Common sense dictates that if a corporate video is longer, the video will be watched by only a few people to completion due to time constraints. If an organization is collaborating with a Video production company Brighton to produce a longer corporate video, they must ensure the video really engages the audiences. Audience engagement is crucial because how much people view a video to completion will depend on how they are engaged. An interesting fact about this is that audience engagement tends to be low with longer videos. This means that audiences always decide very early whether or not they should watch a corporate video from the beginning to the end.

This also suggests that an organization will want to put key messages or information at the beginning of the video. Once this is done, the organization can expand on it for the remaining part of the video especially for those audiences that need more information from the video. Generally, both longer and shorter videos produced by tv commercial production companies have their own applications and appeal. An organization just needs to know consumer behavior before making the videos.

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