Will Synthetic Cannabinoids Be the Future Medicines?

There is still controversy about legal use of marijuana in many cultures of the world, despite its mounting consumption over years. Addiction could be the reason, but people, scientists and healthcare professionals view it from the angle of medical marijuana, the future medicine. Cannabinoids are the main functional chemicals present in the marijuana and due to this reason synthetic cannabinoids have been included in new psychoactive substances (NPS) group of drugs which are mind-affecting substances and imitation of illegal drugs. By now, these synthetic cannabinoids are being used in smoking accessories as a substitute of cigarette smoking, but medical benefit has been derived.

Mind-altering synthetic cannabinoids
Brain cell receptors have the same effect from synthetic cannabinoid as produced by the naturally occurring Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the marijuana. Scientific studies have so far been conducted to study the effect of synthetic cannabinoids on brain cell receptors, but scientists are confirmed that some of the synthetic cannabinoids have much powerful effects compared to marijuana. However, due to unavailable information about chemical composition of different synthetic cannabinoid products, the resulting effect on the health cannot possibly be predicted. It is not yet confirmed as what substances in these synthetic products cause such a tremendous effect which marijuana can’t do. Thus, their use as medicinal marijuana has still not usual.
Effects produced by synthetic cannabinoids
The users of synthetic cannabinoids have observed some effects like those produced by marijuana and these effects are in the form of relaxation, boosted mood, more perception of surroundings and feeling of delusional thinking away from reality. They also observed psychotic effects such as confusion, high anxiety, paranoia and hallucinations. Some critical effects such as fast heart rate, nausea, aggressive behavior and suicidal thoughts have also been observed that led to need of admission to the emergency room. These effects are the indicators of their future uses as the best alternative as medicinal cannabis.

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