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Are Coolers Allowed in Disney World?




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Guests who are planning to take a trip to Disney World may be wondering whether they can bring a cooler into the park. It all depends on what kind of cooler you bring. Disney doesn’t allow anything bigger than a 6-pack soft-sided cooler. However, you can bring reusable ice packs in place of loose ice.

Rolling coolers

Disney World allows you to bring your own food and beverages, but you must adhere to certain rules. Glass containers of any type are not permitted, with the exception being baby food jars. You can however bring ice out of a sealed container.

Glass containers

It is important to understand what items can and cannot be brought into parks. While there are no hard and fast rules, you can follow certain safety precautions to prevent injury to yourself or others. Guests who bring a glass cooler to the park should check with security.

Disruptive items

It is important to understand that Disney reserves the right to decide what items are disruptive and what are not allowed in the parks. This includes clothing, costumes, and any other items that might disrupt the park’s operation. It is also illegal for anyone to bring to the park any item that is intended to be used commercially.

Large backpacks

If you’re planning a trip to Disney World, you may be wondering whether large backpacks are allowed. A backpack that is more than 24 inches in length is not allowed. However, there are certain exceptions to this rule. These backpacks can contain smaller items that you need to carry with you.

Water bottles

A water bottle is a great idea to keep hydrated while on your Disney World trip. You can refill it easily at one of the water fountains in the parks.


One of the most common questions people have about Disney World is “Are masks permitted?” This question will vary depending on which theme park you are visiting. Most indoor locations in Disney World require masks, including queues and attractions. You will also need to wear a mask on buses and monorails. You can’t wear a mask if you haven’t been vaccinated.

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