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Are Coolers Allowed in Volcano Bay?




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If you are planning a day at Volcano Bay, you may be wondering if you can bring coolers and other items into the park. While you cannot bring glass bottles into the park, you can bring a soft-sided cooler and a backpack. Also, you can bring a refillable water bottle or mug. The park will refill refillable mugs and bottles, including Coca-Cola Freestyle. Sunscreen can be brought.

are coolers allowed in volcano bay

TapuTapu coolers

Volcano Bay welcomes guests who wish to bring their own coolers. The water park allows soft-sided coolers and bags for use inside the park. It also allows guests to refill their water bottles and refillable mugs without paying a fee. In addition, visitors may bring sunscreen and a bottle of Coca-Cola Freestyle for free.

Volcano Bay is accessible all year. Hours are generally from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. The park’s social media accounts are an excellent way to stay up-to-date on the latest events. When updating their accounts, guests are encouraged to use #VolcanoBay hashtag to post pictures and updates.

Ice cream stands

Volcano Bay is open to food and drink, but there are restrictions. For instance, you cannot bring alcohol. Although you can bring snacks into the park, most people prefer to buy food and drink at one of the stands or restaurants. Volcano Bay is a great choice for family vacations, despite its limitations.

Soft-sided coolers are available for those who want to bring their own food and drinks. Hard-sided coolers, such as those with glass containers, are not permitted. Volcano Bay accepts cash and the TapuTapu payment method.

GoPro cameras

If you want to film your vacation, you can use a GoPro camera at Volcano Bay. Cameras are not permitted on slides or rides. However, you can take your GoPro to the lazy river and beach. You can capture the best moments in the park this way.

You can also use a time-lapse mode to take photographs. This will increase your chances of getting good photos even in rough water. The shortest time-lapse mode takes photos every half second for. Another option is the burst mode, which takes a photo every second.

Rental cabanas

Volcano Bay’s cabana rentals can be rented during the designated hours. A confirmation email should be printed when renting a cabana. This confirmation contains a code that can be scanned to gain access to their cabana. It also serves as a ‘ticket’ for the cabana. Volcano Bay permits cabana rentals but guests are not permitted to enter the park prior to these times.

Volcano Bay offers six-person single cabana units and sixteen-person family cabana units. Cabana prices vary throughout the year and are subject to change. Cabanas are not reserved for certain dates or groups, but parties can request a nearby location. Rental cabanas are subject to availability and are date-specific.


If you’re traveling with coolers, you’ll need to plan ahead. Parking for coolers in Volcano Bay can be difficult, especially on the weekends. Fortunately, there’s an alternative: the Volcano Bay water park. This attraction opened in May 2017 and is home to many water slides, lazy rivers, and wave pools. The park covers 27 acres and is divided into four sections. Each section features unique themes and offers a different type of water park experience.

Volcano Bay does not have its own parking lot, so guests can park in the main parking structure of Universal CityWalk. They can then take a shuttle to Volcano Bay. You can also get refillable water bottles and mugs at no cost. You can even find refillable sunscreen at Volcano Bay, which is another plus.

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