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Ice Machines Are Common in Hotels




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Ice machines are a popular feature in hotels, especially those that have a large guest count. There are two main types: modular and dispenser. While the former are for staff only, dispenser type machines are accessible by dozens of people at a time. In addition to ensuring that ice is always available, dispenser type machines also help prevent the spread of germs.

are ice machines common in hotels

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Ice machines are an indispensable part of any hotel or motel. They not only help guests enjoy a cold beverage, but they are also useful for storing food and medication. The ice machine can also be used to fill up a cooler for guests to take on outings. To better serve guests, hotels can have multiple ice machines.

The ice machine reduces the cost of ice and helps hotel staff save money. Before, ice was expensive and difficult to get in hotels. Hotel guests used to have to pay extra for ice boxes to store their food and drinks. But nowadays, ice is abundant and affordable. In addition to this, ice machines help hoteliers maintain their budget by making ice readily available.


Hoshizaki ice makers are versatile and can be used in small and large establishments. Depending on the setting, you can add them to a continental breakfast buffet, a business center, or an individual room. Some machines can even be recharged with a card or a coin. The KM-500BAJ air-cooled ice cube machine can produce up to 545 lbs of ice in 24hrs.

The company was founded in Japan in the 1940s and quickly became a major manufacturer of vehicle horns. Later on, they expanded to water purification equipment and opened production centers in the U.S. Hoshizaki manufactures four different types of ice machines, including the AM, which produces individual hard ice. This machine can be fitted into custom cabinets and is perfect for outdoor kitchens, offices, and homes.


Hotel ice dispensers provide easy access to fresh ice for guests. These machines are also popular in healthcare facilities and restaurants. These machines can fill cups or glasses and are easy to use. There are many sizes available, including floor models that can store 120 pounds and 180 pounds of ice. To get the most out of your ice machine, make sure it comes with the Manitowoc Modular Ice Machine Head.

Hotel ice dispensers made by Manitowoc are highly durable and can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. Although the machines have a long warranty, they will still need regular maintenance and repairs. If you have any issues, it is best to get professional help.


KaTom ice machines are used in hotels, restaurants, and other places where fresh ice is needed. These machines come with dispensers and storage bins to store ice. The amount of ice required will determine the size of the machine. A 200-pound icemaker head will produce 200 pounds of ice in 24 hours.

Ice machines can be used in restaurants and hotels to serve drinks and food. Hotel-style machines are typically designed for customer-accessible locations. Some machines can produce as much as 2,900 pounds of ice per day. They are available in three types: air-cooled, remote, and water-cooled. They can also be used with many types of bins and dispensers.

Holiday Inn

Ice machines are an added luxury for guests. While they don’t bring a significant return on investment, they do enhance the overall experience and make the guest feel more at home. This is why Holiday Inn hotels have a variety of ice machines available to their guests. Among these, many offer free ice.

Holiday Inn hotels offer ice machines as a welcome addition. In the 1950s, Kemmons Wilson, the founder of Holiday Inn, became frustrated with the fact that some rival hotel operations would charge his customers for ice. He decided to offer ice free of charge to all Holiday Inn guests. He also saw the potential for franchising and the Holiday Inn brand became a huge success.

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