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What Cooler Than Being Cool?




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what cooler than being cool

Coolness is a virtue that can be achieved and sustained through conscious effort. Although it seems effortless, it requires constant effort. The ultimate goal is to become cool and self-actualize. This is possible by constantly learning, growing, and enhancing your existing traits.

25 things rappers are cooler than

Hip-hop rappers are known for their ability to bring the heat. Megan Thee Stallion, who introduced the “Hot Girl Summer” trend last year, and Lil Wayne’s platinum selling Hot Boys, have made the phrase “on fire” synonymous to killing it. But not all rappers are just hotheads. Some rappers have tried to get a few cool points.

25 reasons a Cold IPA is cooler

The Cold IPA is a crisper version the traditional India Pale Ale. It is brewed with lager yeast, which ferments the beer at a slightly higher temperature than a regular IPA. This results in a beer that is crisp and refreshing with a lot of hop character.

This IPA is available statewide and at Karl Strauss taprooms. The brand has also announced the year-round release of Watermelon Dorado Double IPA, a 10% ABV beer. It will also be available in cans and at the Ballast Point tasting room.

One of the greatest benefits of drinking beer is that it’s a social event. It’s always more fun to drink beer with friends than it is to do so alone. Remember to bring your friends and a good attitude! If you know where to look, you’ll be more likely find a great beer spot.

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