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Who is the Desert Cooler?




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who is the desert cooler

The same principle that the human body uses to cool the desert is used by the desert cooler. As air moves over a surface that is wet, it condenses, creating cooler air. This is what you may have seen at theme parks where misters are used for making the skin wet. This natural movement of air cools the body naturally.

* Suitable for humid climates

When it comes to building in a humid climate, proper materials are essential. These materials must be capable of enduring high levels radiation, excess heat, and moisture. They must also be able to withstand weather and fluctuating temperatures. The building must also have adequate ventilation and windows. Use waterproof paint. Concrete can be used to make some buildings, provided it is well-controlled by humidity. However, it is recommended to follow local regulations regarding these materials.

The climate in tropical climates is humid. Buildings can become uncomfortable to live within due to the humidity. Using natural ventilation is an effective way to reduce discomfort. Orienting buildings along the direction of the local wind helps to increase cross ventilation. Natural ventilation can also be beneficial for the longevity of your building.

New cooling systems are available, and they can be more energy-efficient and more affordable. You should be cautious when choosing a cooling system for humid climates. Many of them are still experimental and might not be suited for your climate. Furthermore, many of them rely on evaporation methods that don’t work well in humid conditions.

Humid climates can be hotter than other climates. This means you need to be careful and use the right climate-related temperatures-humidity indicators. These indices can help you avoid heat stress. They can also help you to decide if you should buy a humid or non-humid-climate-specific device.

* Economical

A desert air cooler is a cost-effective way to cool a room without excessive electricity. In the past, people in India relied on this method of cooling their rooms and kept their electricity bills to a minimum. Many manufacturers offer energy-efficient options that are better for the environment. One brand, Crompton, recently introduced the Optimus Air Cooler, which features an 18-inch fan. The unit also features a cool flow dispenser that distributes water evenly for improved cooling.

The operating costs of a desert cooler are considerably lower than those of an air conditioner. Operating costs are based on a variety of factors, including the amount of water evaporated, the thermal properties of the building enclosure, and the type of cooling needed. These costs are also significantly lower than those of an air-conditioner. This is why desert coolers’ economics are so much easier to understand.

This cooler is especially useful for Indian households of medium size. Cool flow dispensers distribute water evenly throughout the room. It also features a high-quality trolley that can rotate 360 degrees with specially-designed castor wheels. It is quieter than many other similar models.

A desert air cooler must have adequate cross ventilation and two outlets to maintain a consistent temperature. Several owners of desert coolers complain that their units do not deliver enough cooling. This may be because the water distribution is uneven, causing the dry parts of the cooling pads to become dead. In some cases, the owner may need to manually open the pads to make them cool properly. If the problem persists, they should contact a technician.

The market for desert air coolers is set to reach US$ 560.1 Mn by 2022. Increased demand from centralized cooling systems and rapid urbanization in emerging countries will boost the market in the coming years. Multifunctional appliances will also increase sales.


Kelvion’s flexible desert cooler line builds upon years of refrigeration expertise and incorporates the latest premium brand fans and coils. This proven concept is now available in a variety of models with capacities ranging from 6.5 to 121 kW. In addition, these coolers are easy to install, space-saving, and pre-assembled. They can be bolted between chassis rail components and come with a mounting bracket for ease of installation.


A desert cooler is a powerful device that uses a large fan, water pump, and high-powered motor to provide cooling. Its large size also means that it can be easily moved around the house, which is a great feature during the summer. It is noisy. But if you aren’t worried about noise, you can buy a quieter model without sacrificing cooling power.

This cooler comes in many sizes. The 31-liter model is one of the most sought after. It also features auto-filling capabilities. It is made from premium materials and features shock-resistant features. Smart cooler technology is also included. This technology automatically shuts down the cooler when there are power surges. This feature is great for ensuring that you have a more efficient cooling experience.

This desert cooler is great for any home or office. The cooler can cool entire rooms with 4200 m3/hr. The large tank is easy-to-clean and has an ice chamber to store ice. It also features a motor overload protector to prevent excessive heat.

If you’re looking for superior cooling, the OOrient Electric CD5003H Desert Air Cooler will be a great choice. It features an ergonomic design, large capacity, and honeycomb cooling pads for better cooling. It has three speeds to provide greater cooling control. It will cool your room and keep it comfortable. It can even help you save money on your electricity bills. This is a great choice for those on a tight budget.

Bajaj Desert Air Cooler is made from corrosion-free thermoplastic material. The unique Hexacool technology provides maximum cooling with minimal water consumption. It also features an ice chamber, and is suitable for all types of climates. With a water tank of 54 litres, it ensures better cooling and a longer lifespan.

The Symphony Sumo 75XL Desert Air Cooler is another popular option for those looking for a powerful desert cooling unit. This unit has a large tank capacity and works efficiently even during a power cut. The advanced features of this unit include a high speed fan and multiple filters. A convenient remote control helps you control the temperature.

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