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Why Upright Freezers Need to Be Transported Upright




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do freezers need to be transported upright

The cooling system of a freezer should be protected from damage during transport. Before moving a freezer, take steps to prevent damage by placing it upright and covering vulnerable areas with moving blankets. Wrap it in bubble wrap or old towels and place it in a container. Remember to label the box so that you can easily identify the contents when you arrive at your new destination.

Liebherr freezers and refrigerators should be transported upright

It’s important to transport your Liebherr refrigerator and freezer in an upright position. Doing so ensures the compressor bracket isn’t subjected to lateral strain. Additionally, upright transport will ensure that the refrigeration system is always properly cooled. Damage can be caused by using a cart or any other heavy item to transport your refrigerator.

After transportation, your Liebherr appliances should be turned on. You can disconnect the power cord and unplug your appliance before you transport. To activate the appliance, simply plug it in at the new location. To avoid damage to the appliance, it’s best to move it out of direct sunlight as much as possible.

Some refrigerators are not designed to be moved on their sides, contrary to manufacturer instructions. Whenever you move a refrigerator, make sure to turn it off for a couple of hours and leave it upright for a few hours before turning it on.

Liebherr refrigerators & freezers are made to provide premium refrigeration at a low price. They are also energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Liebherr uses no fluorocarbons in their production, which is good for the environment. The dual compressor system regulates temperature and humidity while circulating cold, dry, air to prevent freezing burn. Liebherr’s refrigerant is also free from fluorocarbons or other potentially dangerous compounds.

Take care not to damage the cooling system

It is important to take extra precautions when moving an upright freezer to avoid damage to the cooling system. Failure to do so can result in irreversible damage. This can be avoided by transporting the freezer upright and placing its evaporative coils to the side.

If your upright freezer has an icemaker, it is important to disconnect it before transporting it. Many moving companies won’t take freezers with icemakers. Make sure you have the right tools for disassembling the icemaker. You should also replace the door as soon as you move it. Moving the freezer door separately will increase the likelihood of damaging the cooling system.

Before transporting an upright freezer, remove any food or liquids. It is also essential to make sure that all compartments are empty. Otherwise, it may cause unpleasant odors and damage the cooling system. If you have to move the freezer, consider hiring a professional moving service.

Make sure to document any damage in writing. This is important in case there are complaints later on. It is important to remember that most of the internal components of an upright freezer are located along the back. Any misalignment could result in irreparable damage to your cooling system.

It is difficult to move an upright freezer. You must ensure that it is strapped securely to avoid damage to the walls or the unit itself. In addition, you should use two people when transporting an upright freezer.

Furniture blankets

The upright freezer packing process is incomplete without furniture blankets. They prevent scratches and other abrasions, and help keep upright freezers upright when moving. You can secure the blankets with furniture sliders. If you don’t have furniture sliders, you can secure the freezer to an appliance dolly using straps. Since upright freezers weigh a considerable amount, it’s important to choose a dolly that can handle their weight.

Furniture blankets can be used to protect upright freezers from damage during moving. You can also use packing tape to secure the electrical cord. You can also use furniture sliders to slide the freezer away from the wall. You will also need a reliable helper for moving the freezer.

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